Cavity Wall >

EPS insulation can significantly improve the energy performance of residential wall systems. View a PDF of the full article.

Showcase Projects
EPS Scores Big for Wall Project at Lambeau Field. View a PDF of the full article.

Radiant Floor Heating >

When used as part of a radiant floor heating systems, EPS foam works as a thermal break, ensuring uniform and efficient heat distribution. View a PDF of this full article in our Newsline Newsletter.

Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Sheathing is one of the most basic and widely used applications for EPS insulation in residential and commercial construction. It helps create an envelope around the structure, covering wall cavities and studs to increase their resistance to heat transfer and moisture protection.

With its versatility, ease of installation and consistent performance benefits, EPS foam insulating sheathing has become an industry standard. The sheathing is non-structural, and is primarily used as an exterior insulator, both below and above grade, although it can be used throughout the structure in roof, floors and ceilings. Different densities help provide the R-value required to meet local building energy codes.

EPS sheathing is used in renovations as well as new construction because of its compatibility with wood and steel framing, and masonry. Manufacturers can provide the builder with insulation of varying densities, which translates into a structure meeting or exceeding energy code standards without the added expense of increased stud widths.

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Insulated Concrete Blocks >

Partnering EPS foam insulation with masonry achieves increased energy efficiency. View a PDF of this full article in our Newsline Newsletter.

Exterior Sheathing >

EPS insulated vinyl siding offers strength, durability, curb appeal and state-of-the-art energy efficiency.  View a PDF of this full article in our Newsline Newsletter.

The National Association of Home Builders Research Center conducted a twenty-two month field study of nine cladding systems to determine the most effective exterior cladding systems to help avoid excess moisture in exterior walls. The study revealed EPS insulated vinyl siding had the lowest all-around sheathing moisture value. View a PDF of this full article in our Newsline Newsletter.

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