The Excellence in EPS Recycling Award was created to recognize outstanding achievements and best practices in foam recycling, including special initiatives, innovation and technology advancement. The award also heightens EPS recycling awareness and serves as a model for others to improve their programs.  

EPS-IA welcomes entries from businesses, schools, government and non-profit agencies, civic or volunteer organizations and individuals. For EPS manufacturing companies, membership in EPS-IA is a pre-requisite. Submit your entry for the 2018 award now! 

Award winners will be honored at our annual conference, EPS EXPO, held in New Orleans from March 26-28, 2018.


Each individual company or entity is judged on achievement(s) in one of the following categories:

New program developments or existing program improvements that significantly increase EPS recycling. 

Innovations in recycling that show exemplary results in material processing efficiencies.

Improvements to existing technology or developments of new technology that expand EPS recycling efforts.  



Foam Cycle LLC – Augusta, NJ
The winner of the 2016 Excellence in EPS Recycling Award is Foam Cycle, LLC who created an innovative and patent-pending container recycling system that allows counties, municipalities, schools, colleges and businesses to collect, recycle, process and market EPS foam. Their first one-stop EPS foam education, collection, processing and transportation system was recently installed at the Sussex County MUA Landfill that has been seamlessly integrated into daily operations. Over 2 tons of EPS foam was collected and processed in its first four months. 



Alpine Waste & Recycling – Denver, CO

Alpine Waste & Recycling is the first recycling company in the Denver area to accept curbside EPS from consumers.  In 2016, they recycled 140 tons of EPS foam.

Colchester County – Nova Scotia (Canada)

Colchester County was awarded an EPS densifier grant and upgraded their material recovery facility to begin recycling EPS foam products from the community. In three months, Colchester County’s 50,000 residents recycled nearly two tons of EPS.


Mansonville Plastics Group – Surrey, British Columbia (Canada)

Mansonville Group is the largest EPS recycler/processor in British Columbia. They actively engage in various public projects to create awareness about EPS recycling and reuse, including Pop Rocks, with the UBC School of Architecture and Upcycled Urbanism with the Museum of Vancouver. Mansonville Group also worked with the Surrey Board of Trade to develop a position paper to bring the EPS recycling issue to the Federal level, which was formally adopted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as Resolution 41


Plastilite Corporation – Omaha, NE

Plastilite has recycled 100% of their EPS waste for several years but wanted to expand their outreach to the local community. They installed an outdoor EPS recycling drop –off bin by their warehouse for local residents and partnered with the Henry Doorly Zoo to recycle the EPS coolers used to ship the animals food. Plastilite also partnered with them on their Party for the Planet event. Their first year of community outreach efforts resulted in recycling nearly 10 tons of EPS.

Agilyx Corporation – Tigard, OR

Agilyx developed the first commercial pyrolysis system that turns EPS waste into a styrene monomer (resin) product that can be blended into the virgin styrene manufacturing cycle. The process transforms EPS foam into a resource that can be fully recycled. Agilyx collects EPS through residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural sources. At full capacity, Agilyx’s facility can recycle 10 tons of EPS per day.


Demand Products – Alpharetta, GA
Demand Products developed innovative hydraulic pressure EPS compaction machine that produce more consistent densified “logs” with higher density which increases the end-market value. 


Nina is an internationally recognized leader in the packaging industry with expertise in sustainability, innovation, and organizational development. Nina is currently Executive Director of GreenBlue, a nonprofit that equips business with the science and resources to make products more sustainable. She was previously Program Director for PAC NEXT in Toronto, which strives towards a "world without packaging waste." Goodrich also founded consultancy Sustainnovation Solutions to inspire industry to understand the opportunity side of sustainability and the role it can play in re-inventing competitive corporate strategy.

Brenda joined KAB in October 2010 to develop, execute and expand America Recycles Day. She also supports other recycling programs and connects with Washington-based stakeholders. In this role, she identifies and develops strategies for policy issues key to KAB, its mission and members. Prior to joining KAB, Brenda served as a Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communications for Novelis. Brenda began her nearly 30-year career working for the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Environmental Small Business Committee. In addition to her work on Capitol Hill, she has also worked for both corporations and trade associations. Brenda also serves on the Board of Directors of R2 Solutions - the organization charged with promoting environmentally responsible practices throughout the electronics recycling industry. 

Veteran packaging journalist Lisa McTigue Pierce is the Executive Editor of Packaging Digest, "The Voice of the Packaging Community"/ She started her packaging media career in 1982 and, over the years, has worked with Package Engineering magazine. She also had a brief stint with consumer insights leader Iconoculture to help the company launch its new Global Packaging Advisory Service in 2009 before returning to the her first love: the packaging media market.

PATTY MOORE, PRESIDENT & CEO, Moore Recycling Associates Inc.
Patty is President of Sustainable Materials Managment of California (SMMofCA), founder of Moore Recycling Associates Inc and globally renown expert on plastic recycling. Patty’s influence on recycling began in 1983; she was manager the National Recycling Coalition-award winning Recycling Program in Wilton, NH, where she started one of the nation’s first plastic bottle collection programs. Since then, Ms Moore’s workhas had an uninterrupted, favorable impact on recycling—especially plastics recycling. SMM of CA specializes in the management of environmental organizations. Ms Moore has been published in numerous magazines and trade publications, and has presented hundreds of papers and workshops throughout North and South America, Europe, and China. 



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