EPS foam makes a significant contribution toward enabling modern vehicles to be lighter, more fuel efficient and safer than older models yet still be stylish enough to attract new buyers. By strategic reliance on EPS foam, the automotive industry meets these disparate design challenges in elegant and cost effective fashion.

EPS foam is effectively used by manufacturers to save weight, provide energy absorbing protection and increase passenger comfort. EPS foam can be found behind bumper protection and body side molding in most cars and trucks where it delivers critical energy absorption and passenger protection. Aerodynamic design considerations that dictate the streamlined shape of these areas of the vehicle are uniquely suited for the variety of moldable shape that can be achieved with EPS while maximizing impact absorption. 

While EPS foam placed outside the passenger compartment provides a first line of defense and does much to lessen the impact of a collision, EPS foam is also providing protection to passengers inside the vehicle. EPS foam can be found in the dashboard, under seat cushions, behind door trim and arm rests, over headliners and in knee bolsters.

In addition to providing increased safety to passengers, EPS foam also increases passenger comfort by insulating sound and temperature. EPS foam can be found insulating air conditioning equipment, reducing transmission of road, wind and engine noise to the cabin. Also thanks to EPS foam, modern vehicles have fewer rattles and squeaks than ever. Finally, the weight saving characteristics of EPS foam make it a natural replacement for metal components that are used to secure items such as the spare tire jack or audio components. 

Lightweight, durable and moldable EPS foam allows modern auto designers and manufacturers to deliver solid, quiet and safer vehicles that are easier on fuel and more comfortable to drivers and passengers.


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