Technical Information

Today the EPS industry uses highly sophisticated processes and technologies to manufacture cost-effective products. EPS products have been the subject of extensive research and evaluation over a 50-plus year lifespan. Encompassing a multitude of applications from construction to bike helmets, the EPS industry stands behind its product with real-world test results. Research data from third party testing laboratories such as Oak Ridge National Laboratories, National Research Council of Canada, Florida Solar Energy Center and Structural Research Inc., lend confidence to EPS customers.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a product that provides smart solutions and durable, efficient results. Equally important, EPS is a sustainable product that is recyclable and environmentally sound. The lifecycle of EPS has been studied, documented and proven to leave a smaller footprint on our planet than comparable materials. It is a smart option for packaging, building, insulating and protecting, and a responsible choice for the environment.

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