Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a product that provides smart solutions and durable, efficient results. Equally important, EPS is a sustainable product that is recyclable and environmentally sound. The lifecycle of EPS has been studied, documented and proven to leave a smaller footprint on our planet than comparable materials. It is a smart option for packaging, building, insulating and protecting, and a responsible choice for the environment.


Plastilite Recycles







By working with local businesses in Omaha, Nebraska, such as the Henry Doorly Zoo, Plastilite has broadened the message of EPS recycling.

You may find more information from Plastilite's Facebook, or through a video at KMTV News in Omaha.

Subaru Sustainability

Subaru shows how their global EPS reuse program saves them $1.3 million a year in a single facility by tracking the sustainability of their EPS packaging.

Long-Term Thermal Resistance

Choosing the right insulation is always an important decision. 

For long-term thermal resistance, EPS is the leader in comfort and the reduction of energy consumption. Learn more in our technical bulletin, XPS & Polyiso Long-Term Thermal Resistance & R-Value Performance.


Expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging is being recycled more than you think! You can find out what's going on and how to participate by watching this video.

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